Our 5 Tips to Stay on Track This Plastic Free July

 When it comes to challenges, we know when the going gets tough it’s easy to throw in the (reusable) towel. However, we like to think about Plastic Free July as a chance to educate ourselves, rather than a challenge we can succeed or fail at.

We’ll be using the month as an opportunity to analyse the plastics we use the most and which ones we can avoid in the future. We want you to keep in mind that it’s progress not perfection that our planet needs, and we’ll be here to support you every step of the way. 

So here are our top tips to stay on track with your Plastic Free July Pledge for the month of July and beyond!

Join our community 

We have a huge community of like minded people challenging themselves to reduce plastics from their lives in a sustainable, realistic way. Finding your group of likeminded people - whether that’s in person or online - can be a catalyst in helping you achieve your goals. We’ll be sharing tips, hacks, wins and mistakes throughout July from the team here at Seed & Sprout - as well as from you all on our community page here, so keep checking in throughout the month! 

Keep it visible

We’ll be keeping track of our pledges by using our downloadable calendar on our Instagram and Facebook stories throughout the month. We’ll be ticking the days we achieved our goals (with emoji’s!) and marking down the days where mistakes were made. We encourage you, your colleagues, and family to do the same. Tracking your progress is a helpful way to see how much you’ve achieved but also where you might need a little push in the right direction. 

Surround yourself with other plastic-free July-ers! 

It’s a great idea to get your own community involved with your plastic-free goals. Can you get your partner or kids to make their own pledge? Do you work with colleagues that could join in with your challenge? Or do you have a parents group you catch up with regularly that you could encourage to make some plastic-free swaps? We are so lucky at Seed & Sprout to be surrounded by like-minded people within our office and we’ll certainly be leaning on each other for advice and support this month in particular.  

Progress not perfection

Whether it’s giving up plastic smoothie cups for the month, switching from take-away food to pre-prepared lunches or saving your food scraps from landfill, every little bit counts. We can’t all go completely plastic-free but we can all try and reduce the amount we are using. Sometimes plastic comes into our lives and it’s totally unavoidable so rather than feeling defeated, this is a reminder to give yourself time to appreciate what you have achieved. Think minimal-waste lifestyle versus zero-waste lifestyle - although, that is the ultimate goal!

Think about your ‘why’ 

Why did you decide to get involved with Plastic Free July? If you feel the challenge is getting tough, take a few moments to yourself to remember your reason why. This can sometimes be the motivation we need to keep going. People choose to give up plastic for many reasons. It could be to create a better environment for their children, protecting wildlife, saving our oceans or health reasons. Whatever your reason is, you are not alone. Millions of people worldwide will be in the same position as you, trying their best to do the right thing. Use this as your motivation to keep going.

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