Everything You Need to Know About Un-Baking Paper


Congratulations on making the switch to Un-Baking Paper!

This is our best-selling product - and for good reason! It’s one of the easiest ways you can reduce waste in your kitchen and do your bit for the planet, so you can give yourself a pat on the back.

After years of using Un-Baking Paper and gathering feedback from our community, we have a few tips & tricks to get the most out of Un-Baking Paper that we wanted to share with you.

Thanks for joining us on our mission to un-plastic the planet.

Our Un-Baking Paper Is:

What Does LFGB Certified Mean?

There are two testing standards for Silicone that are considered food grade; LFGB and FDA. All these acronyms got you confused? Let us break it down simply for you…  

Both LFGB and FDA testing are food contact tests. The main purpose of these tests is to see if there are any harmful substances related to the product. When a product passes these tests, they are safe for humans (phew!). The difference between LFGB and FDA lies in the different methods of testing.

LFGB testing regulations are the toughest of all standards where the silicone material must pass more intensive testing compared to FDA silicone testing. You can rest assured that our Un-Baking Paper is food grade, and has passed the highest certification. So you can roast, bake and enjoy your delicious food with peace of mind!

A Few Things to Remember


  • Our Un-Baking Paper is non-stick, so you don’t need to use as much olive oil as you usually would with baking paper (another win!)
  • If you’re roasting marinated vegetables with thick sauces it’s best to wash your mat as soon as possible to prevent the sauce from setting on to the mat (more on this below)
  • Don’t cut or chop anything directly on the mats
  • Keep away from an open flame. Our Un-Baking Paper can withstand heat up to 230°C, however, it will burn if exposed to a naked flame.

How to Clean Un-Baking Paper

If there’s one thing you take away from this page, let it be this: cleaning your Un-Baking Paper is key to keeping it in tip top shape!

There are few ways to do this, and these will depend on how you’re using it. One piece of advice that applies to all cooking is to clean it as soon as you can to avoid sauces and other oils sticking to the mat (we know, no one wants to clean up before they’ve eaten but even a soak in hot water helps!).

1. Use Warm Water & Detergent

Simply run it under water and wash with your detergent and brush. We use our Dish Bar & Pot Scrubber for this - it’s a great, plastic-free combo that does the job! We find it’s easiest to scrub the mat if you place it on a flat surface - either the base of your sink, next to the sink or even hanging it over the middle wall of your sink and use the sides to scrub against.

2. Add to the Dishwasher

Our Un-Baking Paper is dishwasher safe, so feel free to include it in your next load!

If your Un-Baking Paper needs a deep clean, we'll use one of the methods below:

1. Leave it to soak

Soak in hot water with added lemon juice OR vinegar to give it a deep refresh and clean. Then scrub off any excess food.

2. Use a BiCarb Soda & Lemon Paste

Coat with a paste of lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda, let it sit for as long as needed, then scrub with a Pot Scrubber and rinse. This method is great for getting rid of stubborn marks, oil or sauce build up.

You can leave your Un-Baking Paper to dry on your drying rack, hang over your sink or dry with a tea towel.

Using Un-Baking Paper

Our Un-Baking Paper can be used for SO many things. It’s a great swap for baking paper so you can use it for roasting veggies, baking delicious treats, freezing fruit or chocolate dipped strawberries, rolling out dough & batter that would usually stick to baking paper or some customers have even used it for art projects!

If you’re in need or some recipe inspiration we’ve got some on our blog, linked below for you.


Storing Un-Baking Paper

Once your Un-Baking Paper is clean and dry, you can store it on a baking tray, flat in a drawer or even roll it up!


Silicone Take Back Program

The beauty of Un-Baking paper is that with the proper care, it can be used over and over again for years. If for any reason you decide you want to dispose of your Un-Baking Paper, please don't send it to landful! We've set up a Silicone Take Back Program so you can send us your unwanted silicone for free and we'll recycle it via TerraCycle on your behalf.

Find out more here.


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