Why You'll Love Our Tufferware!

The Tufferware Range: Versatile, Durable, and Eco-Friendly.

We're thrilled to announce that our beloved Tufferware is making a comeback to our Lunchware range. Our customer care team were getting constant requests to bring these back - your wish is our command! Available for the first time as singles or as a trio it's finally back and better than ever. It truly lives up to its name. Here's why:

Super Secure and Kid-Friendly

Our Tufferware features screw-top lids, making it super secure and durable. This makes it a great option for kids' lunch boxes and school bags, ensuring no spills or leaks. The three separate sizes are perfect for breakfast, lunch, and snacks, making it ideal for all-day snacking. 

100% Plastic-Free and Leak-Proof

Say goodbye to leaky containers and harmful plastics. Our Tufferware is 100% plastic-free as it is made from quality 304 stainless steel - making it easy to clean and rust resistant. These jars are the perfect replacement for your stained, potentially toxic plastic storage containers.

Perfect for Any Storage Need

Whether you're looking to store food in the fridge, freezer, or pantry, these jars have you covered. They nest neatly when empty, saving precious space - who doesn't love that! 

Built to Withstand Any Adventure

This trio is designed for life on the go. Whether they're bumping around in your handbag, schoolbag, nappy bag, or tradie toolbox, their indestructibility will impress you. They don't leak, dent, or contribute to plastic waste.

A Note on Temperature

While our Tufferware is versatile, please note that these jars are not insulated. If you need to keep your hot food hot while out and about, check out our Insulated Food Flasks instead.