Our Plastic Free July Pledges

We love a challenge here at Seed & Sprout and Plastic Free July is no exception! We know completely eliminating plastic in our lives is next to impossible, so instead we decided to set some smaller more sustainable goals that we can stick to. 

Check out what the team has committed to below:

Alena, Product Assistant - “As a beauty lover it’s hard to reduce plastic in the bathroom so for PFJ I’m not going to purchase anything new. I will also find alternative options for the empty containers as well as focusing on the correct recycling options for products that can’t be reused.”

Ang, Content Producer - “This PFJ I’m committing to using up all my current ‘packaged’ pantry goods, then moving ahead to only buy my dry goods at a bulk food store once a month to avoid plastic packaging! I’m also determined to teach my fave drive thru take away team to accept my tumbler and straw for my iced coffees or choccie thickshakes.”

Audrey, Head of Marketing - “Meal prepping for me is the best way to avoid unnecessary plastic. For the month of July I’m committing to meal prepping every Sunday so I don’t end up buying lunch or snacks that come wrapped in plastic!”

Hannie, Marketing Coordinator - “I’m going to head to the farmers market once a week in July to reduce plastic from my weekly shop! I usually go about once a month, but I’m going to make the effort to get there weekly!”

Sarah, Community Coordinator - “I am going to TRY and do plastic-free for the month in the full knowledge that I will likely fail along the way but I’d love to give it a go! My life is pretty plastic free but my food consumption isn’t! This will force me to try and find plastic free alternatives to the food I consume most days! Wish me luck!”

No matter what your pledge is this Plastic Free July we're all in this together! We all need a community for challenges like this, so join ours here and follow us on Instagram where we’ll be keeping our calendar updated and sharing updates on our individual pledges. 

If you are struggling with your motivation levels we’ve got Our 5 Tips to Stay on Track This Plastic Free July which we’re sure you’ll find helpful! If you have any questions get in touch with us on PFJ@seedandsprout.com 

We've got this!