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How to Make Your Skincare Routine Eco Friendly

Looking to make your beauty regime that bit more sustainable? You’ve come to the right place! It can be hard to stray from your much loved beauty products that come in plastic packaging…(we know, we’ve been there). But once you make a few swaps it becomes easier and easier to say goodbye to plastic products and hello to plastic-free, zero waste ones that are better for you and for the planet. 

By switching to our eco-friendly skincare products not only will you be ditching plastic, you’ll be removing harmful ingredients from your skincare regime too. Our skin is our biggest organ and it will absorb anything we put on it. That’s why we prefer to put natural ingredients on ours instead of harmful chemicals. 

Let us show you how you can make your beauty regime more sustainable and find your best natural skincare routine with a few simple swaps: 

1. Go Waterless

Did you know that many of the beauty products available to purchase, from shampoos to moisturisers, are in fact 90% water? Yep, you’re basically paying for water and plastic.

We choose to exclude water from our products and by doing so we reduce the packaging, carbon footprint and water footprint. A huge win for the planet and it’s a huge win for you too. 

Switching from plastic bottles to a Bar may sound strange but in fact it makes total sense. Instead of paying for 90% water, you’re only getting concentrated, high quality ingredients to make sure your hair and skin are left feeling refreshed, revitalised and hydrated. 



2. Reduce Single Use Plastic Packaging 

The beauty industry is filled with plastic tubes, bottles, tubs - you name it! But there IS the option to go plastic-free with your skincare. 

If you’re looking for an eco friendly cleanser our Face Bar is your answer. This nourishing and hydrating Bar will clean your skin, and can be used until it’s gone making it zero waste. 

We created Australia’s first plastic-free Face Oil that comes in a glass bottle, aluminium lid and cork liner - that’s it. Our Face Oil contains natural ingredients that are 60% organic including Macadamia Oil, Jojoba and Vitamin E. It’s a breath of fresh air for your skin and the planet. 



Our Deodorant, Sunscreen, Leaf Razor and Lip Balm are all plastic-free too. If we don’t create the plastic, there is no chance it can ever end up harming our beautiful planet and that’s something we (and you) can be proud of. 

When you next go to buy one of your beauty products take a moment to consider if there’s an option for eco friendly skincare packaging. Look out for simple, plastic-free options like 100% aluminium tins that you can recycle or reuse like our Deodorant or cardboard packaging that can be easily recycled or composted like our Body Bars.

 3. Check the Ingredients 

It’s important to try and remember to put products on your skin that will do you good - not the opposite. Look out for a full disclosure on the ingredients list. Usually, the longer the free-from list of ingredients on the packaging, the better. Our entire Bar range is free from;

  • Synthetic Fragrances
  • Phthalates
  • PEG’s
  • Silicones

Our Bars are also Vegan Friendly, Made in Australia, and certified 100% Palm Oil Free. We believe in full transparency across our skincare range which is why we list all the ingredients we use in our Ingredients Glossary so you can see what each one does and why we use it. 



4. Ditch Face Wipes

If you were introduced to face wipes in your teenage years you’ve probably gone through packet loads by now, without realising the damaging impacts of them on the environment. But never fear, it’s never too late to make the switch! 

Did you know Face Wipes are usually made using plastic fibres and are notoriously bad for our skin? They’re also bad for the environment being non-recyclable, single-use and non-biodegradable too. 

Using reusable Face Wipes has to be one of the easiest skincare swaps you can make that makes a real difference! Our Make Up Remover Pads are a great alternative that can be used again and again. Simply wipe off your makeup with a remover pad, wash it and it’s ready to be used all over again. 

We love removing our make up and then cleansing and exfoliating with our Konjac Sponges. They’re soft on your skin and you can simply rinse, hang them up and use it again too. Because they are made from natural fibres, they are compostable at their end of life. Yay! 

You can use a Konjac Sponge on it’s own, with cleansers you already have, or even better - you can pair it with our Face Bar or Charcoal Face Bar for a deep, plastic-free, cleanse. 



Remember, making multiple swaps at once can be overwhelming - we don’t expect you to switch to an all-natural, eco friendly skincare regime overnight. Why not try starting with one or two changes to your skincare routine. Once you start you’ll see how easy it is and the rest will follow naturally!