Bushfire Charity Spotlight

There are no words for the heartbreak we are all feeling. But as a community, we know more than anyone how small actions can add up to an enormous effect!

According to the NSW RFS Australia, monetary donations are the best way to help at this point. In the wake of the Aussie Bushfires, the team at Seed & Sprout are putting a spotlight on 9 charities that we implore you to donate or reach out to, if you haven’t already.

Currumbin Wildlife Hospital

12,000 wildlife animals we’re rehabilitated and released this past year. The average cost per patient is $90.00!



Wildlife Rescue SC

This is a 100% volunteer-run organisation dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of Australian Native Fauna and these legends have been rescuing wildlife for over 30 years! Many of the rescued animals suffering due to the fires will be in care for months, and the intake continues long after the flames have passed.




This is not just an Australian issue, it is a global issue. Help to ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people are supported in leading the generation wide movement to solve the climate crisis.



Beyond Blue

If you’re not ok, how can you help anyone else? 3 million Australians are living with anxiety or depression. We are a community! Let us continue to help, support, and check on each other.



Support Your Local RFS Brigade

There are 72,491 RFS volunteers across 2002 NSW brigades... let’s give these brave heroes our help and support.




Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

We speak for those who have no voice. In what is a national tragedy, the bushfires in and around Port Macquarie in November, devastated a genetically diverse koala population.



Clean Up Australia

An amazing initiative that has been ongoing for 30 years, that inspires and empowers communities to clean up, fix up and conserve our environment.


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So you’ve donated. But you still feel helpless? 😔 Put down your phone. Go outside. Put a shallow bowl of water in your yard. Put rocks inside so animals can climb out. 🦦 Our whole country is in drought. These animals need water, all over the country, not just those that survived the fires. 🙏🏼 Great job 👊🏼... Now if you have it, leave a slice of watermelon 🍉 for the bees 🐝 If you have a healthy lawn, don’t cut it. You will help encourage moisture content, encourage insects and bugs, which in turn helps birds. 🐛🦟🦉 Now take a breath. Take a moment. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed. You are doing your best and it’s ok to have a reprieve from the grief. 💚. 🌍🍃🌱🌵💧Picture credit to @wmarwick @bushheritageaus

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Australia, our hearts, homes and wallets are open to you.