3 Reasons to Switch to a Stain Remover Bar

We are on a mission to Un-Plastic The Planet. From switching to reusable bags and compostable sponges to Shampoo Bars and glass containers we’re all about making sustainable changes to lessen our impact on the planet. Our Bar range is a huge part of this! We are so proud of what we’ve been able to achieve thanks to your support! Since launching our Bars back in 2019: 


  • 22,900+ of you have joined us in our Bar movement
  • We have eliminated 552,846+ plastic bottles
  • We’ve saved 140,975+ litres of water! 

We’ve recently added a Stain Remover Bar to our range after the team was looking for a plastic-free solution to those pesky stains. With lots of parents in the team, removing stains from clothing is a constant battle so having a plastic-free Bar that does the hard work for you (and really works) was a no brainer! And let’s be honest - stains happen to all ages, so it’s something everyone can use!


Sophie Kovic Seed & Sprout Stain Remover Bar


We’ve formulated a simple 5 ingredient recipe that’s anything BUT simple with its results. Here’s why we love our new Stain Remover Bar: 

Ingredients Are Gentle On People and the Planet 

We don’t believe in using harmful ingredients in our products. Did you know that almost all stain removers contain ingredients that are harmful to aquatic life? Instead our Stain Remover Bar contains: 

  • Sodium Cocoate: a mild surfactant that forms micelles around dirt and oil and allows it to be washed away
  • Sodium Bicarbonate: a powerful cleaning agent that is alkaline in nature which enhances its cleansing ability for effective removal of stains
  • Lemon Myrtle Oil and Eucalyptus Oil: both are antibacterial, providing protection against harmful microbes 

It’s Plastic Free! 

Almost everything these days comes packaged in plastic. Some are recyclable, but does that plastic actually get recycled? Who knows. 

Our Stain Remover Bar comes packaged in a beautifully designed cardboard box - that’s it! No inner plastic satchel or plastic bottles. The box is compostable or recyclable and as it came from nature, if it ever ends up back in nature, no harm will be caused to wildlife or plants. 

And the Stain Remover Bar is zero waste - use it up until it’s gone! 


Stain Remover Bar Seed & Sprout

It Really Works 

We get it, giving up the plastic products you’ve been using for years is hard. You know you like them, your family likes them and you know they work. But we know you’re tempted to reduce your chemical and plastic use (or you wouldn’t have read this far!). We’ll let our two most recent reviews do the talking here;

‘It gets out baby food stains!’
“I have a son who loves to make a mess all over his clothes. We have a bunch of clothes that were stained yellow and I refused to use a chemical stain remover, as we are a low-tox household. I didn't think this product would work and it did!! You could probably see about 2% of the yellow stain after the first wash and after the second wash, it was completely gone! AMAZING’’
‘’Works surprisingly well!’’
“Really impressed with the stain removing ability of this bar is all I can really say. I didn’t think it would stand up to the harsh chemical products, and it definitely did. The only swap was a convenient spray to a 2-5 second rub.’’



Hopefully we’ve convinced you to give your regular stain remover the heave ho and make the switch to plastic freedom. 

If you have any questions on our Stain Remover Bar or our Bar range, get in touch with us on hello@seedandsprout.com or slide into our DM’s - we’d love to hear from you!