Which Lunch Box Is Right For Me? Mini CrunchBox vs. OG CrunchBox

In 2023, our 7th Year at Seed & Sprout, we launched our little version of the iconic CrunchBox ("the OG").  We developed the Mini CrunchBox based on customer feedback - thank you!! 


We get asked a LOT, what is the difference between the two & which version is best for me (or my family)?  This kinda choice is suuuuupppper personal, but I'm going to provide some tips that may help with your decision.    Let's us know your feedback via Insta or hello@seedandsprout.com

CrunchBox OG LunchBox Stainless Steel

Let's start with the differences between The CrunchBox OG & The Mini CrunchBox. 


Step 1 - Space Comparison

We offer a LOT of options for lunchware accessories, the combinations are literally endless.  When it comes to CrunchBoxes - let's start with dimensions: 

Height Width Depth Weight
OG CrunchBox (minus Pots)  25 cms  21 cms  4.5 cms  665 grams
Mini CrunchBox  22 cms  14.5 cms  4.5 cms  475 grams


Main difference is the width & weight, the height & depths are quite similar.  Mini CrunchBox is well, spoiler alert, a Mini version with 6.5 cms less width.  Depending on what your "go to" lunches are - you might have a preference straight away. 


Step 2 - Configuration 

CrunchBox has 4 compartments whilst Mini CrunchBox has 2 compartments.  

  Seed & Sprout CrunchBox™ Lunch Box 5 Star Rated       Mini CrunchBox Compartments


Step 3 - Capacity

CrunchBox comes with 4 areas to store food with the possibility of adding 2 or 3 pots into these compartments.  You can choose between a 2 Pot & 3 Pot version for CrunchBox.   

  • 2 Pot Set Round Pot 50ml capacity & Rectangular pot 100ml capacity
  • CrunchPot: 375ml capacity

CrunchBox Lunch Solutions

Pots can be purchased with the CrunchBox or separately.  The Snack Containers Set is soo popular - sometimes you just need a little more space & a solution to keep fussy eaters happy (young & old)! 

Seed & Sprout Snack Containers - Forest

Top tip: two CrunchPots fit inside the external pocket of OG CrunchCase. 

CrunchCase with 2 CrunchPots


Mini CrunchBox comes with two areas to store food with the silicone seal making it leakproof across compartments (this is achieved in CrunchBox with the Pots).    

Seed & Sprout Mini CrunchBox Recipe Ideas

Mini CrunchBox comes with interchangeable Silicone Seals which can be easily inserted into the Mini CrunchBox & are dishwasher safe too.  Available in 5 different colours which you can purchase individually  

Seed & Sprout Silicone Seal Mini CrunchBox Colur Options


What's the same:

  • Both CrunchBox & Mini CrunchBox are rated 5 stars (wooo hooo!) by our customers.  We've over 5,000 reviews & counting - check them out here
  • CrunchCases are available in a variety of colours for both CrunchBox & Mini CrunchBox.  Check out the full colour range here.  
  • Made from Stainless Steel - both versions are super durable & dishwasher safe.
  • Both can be purchased in bundles to save 
  • Both CrunchBox & Mini CrunchBox can be paired with of 67 different LunchWare accessories like The SnackPot, Silicone Muffin Cups, Collapsible LunchBox & Silicone Food Pouches