5 Ways You Can Make a Difference On Earth Day

Here at Seed & Sprout, we think every day should be Earth Day, but we’re so happy to have one day of the year to act as a reminder of how special our home is and to inspire us to continue to make changes.

‘’It’s not a day - it’s a movement’’ 


This year the Earth Day focus is all around Restoring Our Earth so here's a few ideas you can start incorporating today to give thanks to Mother Nature and reduce your environmental footprint. 

Try avoid sending anything to landfill

Can you commit to producing zero waste for one day? Arm yourself with your reusables and commit to actively thinking about what you use throughout the day. Grabbing some paper towel to clean up a spill? Use our Cellulose Sponges instead! Using baking paper to make your homemade granola? Try out our Un-Baking Paper. Simply use, wash and reuse both of these products over and over! If you find yourself reaching for the glad wrap for your leftovers, try storing them in an Eco Stow instead or simply pop a Stretch Lid over your bowl! 


Turn off the lights when you leave the room

This is a super easy one! Did you know your plugs also use energy if they’re switched on but not in use? Turn off your chargers, TV, lamps and anything else at the plug when you can! Not only will you save energy, you’ll save money too.

Try to avoid plastics

Can you go a whole day without buying anything in plastic? It’s a big ask but give yourself a challenge, you might be surprised at how easy you find it! Today could be a great day to check out your local bulk store with our handy guide. Our Reusable Shopping Bags giving you every reason to shop plastic free in style. 


 Try adding more plants to your diet

We all know that we should be eating more fruits and vegetables for our health, but did you know this can help the planet too? Eating a climate friendly diet doesn’t mean surviving on lettuce (thankfully!) or going entirely vegan. Why not try plant based meals once a week? There are so many delicious plant based recipes out there to make it easy. 

Be mindful of your water usage

Do you know how efficient your shower is? How much water do you think you use while taking a shower? There’s a simple test you can do to check by holding a measuring jug under your shower head for 5 seconds, times this amount by 12 and you get your litres per minute measurement (this is a fun activity to do with the kids!). There are some amazing water saving shower heads out there that can reduce your water usage significantly (think from 20L/minute to 5L/minute!) without impairing your shower experience. Your wallet will thank you for this one too! 

Meal prep to reduce food waste

Do you find yourself throwing away a lot of food each week? Meal prepping and planning is a great way to avoid this. When doing the weekly shop think about what you are going to make that week and only buy what you need. Some herbs and vegetables will last much longer when stored in water (our Glass Eco Stows are perfect for this!) and keeping your bananas away from the rest of your fruit will prevent them from going off too fast!  


Join an Earth Day event online 

There are Earth Day events going live online across the world today; find a local one to you or join one in another country that interests you! We believe one of the best ways to enact change is to educate ourselves on what the problems are and how we can help to solve them.  

Take part in a beach clean

We’ve recently started taking part in beach cleans in Byron Bay and we love it! It’s a great way to meet new people, get outdoors and do our part to stop plastic pollution. 

Start composting!

Restoring Our Earth can literally start with composting! Put simply - composting saves food waste from landfill and returns precious nutrients back to our soils for future plants to use to grow. Add your banana peels and coffee grounds to our Compost Bin and then into your Green Organics Bin, your backyard compost, or a local community garden! 


Restoring Our Earth starts and ends with us. We can’t do everything, but we can all do something. What will you do today?