Mayde Tea x Seed & Sprout Collaboration

We made the switch to loose leaf tea years ago after discovering that many tea bags contain plastic! Yep, many tea bags contain microplastics that leak in to your cup when brewing, meaning you end up digesting them. No thanks! 

One of our favourite loose leaf tea brands is local Byron Bay brand, Mayde Tea. Founded by naturopath Kate Dalton, Mayde Tea has a range of delicious loose leaf teas that taste good, look good & make you feel good. We stocked up our kitchen at HQ with a number of their delicious blends (Australian Native is one of our favourites) so collaborating with them was a no brainer for us! 

We're so excited to bring you this limited edition collaboration featuring two unique blends that have been custom made by Kate just for us! The Wategos & Hinterland blends have been designed to support your mind, body & beyond throughout the holiday season. 

We sat down with Kate to chat about how Mayde Tea came to life, our collaboration and her tea tips for Christmas.


Can you tell us about how Mayde Tea came to life and how you turned your passion project into a business?

Mayde Tea is an organic tea business that I founded in 2013. I have always had a bit of an incredible obsession with tea, but I definitely never thought I would be the owner of a tea company! I was studying Naturopathy & Nutrition at the time, and quickly became obsessed with the effect that plant medicines have on the body.

While studying, I used a lot of herbs myself to support digestion, improve sleep and lessen anxiety. I was ingesting these herbs in a tincture, and I started experimenting with making these same formulations in the gentler, yet effective form of organic herbal teas. I had incredible results! From there, Mayde Tea (somewhat unintentionally!) was born. I believe so deeply that our bodies have an innate ability to heal itself; and plant medicine has many unique mechanisms in which it brings the body back to optimum health. I feel so fulfilled spending my days sharing this magic with my community.

What does your daily tea ritual look like?
This can change depending on the season, or through different stages of my life. For example when I was breastfeeding my daughter, I was drinking the Nursing blend from morning, all through the day and even during night feeds to support my milk supply. Currently, however I wake and have Digest (for the alkalising and digestive support properties), then I drink whatever I have iced in the fridge throughout the day. Lately this has been Restore, Energise or Australian Native. I always have our Serenity blend while winding down at night-time to ensure a restful sleep.

How does tea help support our overall health?
Mayde Tea blends are formulated using Western Herbal Medicine principals to target specific body systems as well as improve overall vitality. For example, the Serenity blend calms the nervous system to lessen anxiety and induce a restful sleep; and Digest works synergistically on our digestive system- calming inflammation, reducing bloating and lessening cramping.

A lot of herbal ingredients also have a nutritive action which means they may contain nutrients like iron, magnesium, or vitamins. The ritual of slowing down and having a tea either by yourself or with loved ones is a great reminder to slow down and create a sense of calm.

We know sustainability is really important to you. What makes Mayde Tea different to other tea brands out there in terms of sustainability?
With the growth we have experienced at Mayde Tea, I am compelled to evolve the business daily to adopt further sustainability practises and continue to tread lightly on the planet. From the packaging - we create refillable and reusable (and beautiful!) glass jars. I truly value quality over quantity and I intend to have our customers purchase our high-quality tea blends in long-lasting packaging that can be refilled. Those of the range that are not designed to be refilled are recyclable or compostable.

Our tea strainers are made of a high-quality stainless steel, so once you buy one, it won't need replacing. We send out our orders in recyclable packaging and have a cardboard perforator that allows us to reuse our delivery cartons as protective packaging in orders. In an ideal world we would be totally closed-loop and plastic free- but we can only do our best!

We're huge Maye Tea fans at Seed & Sprout and have been drinking Mayde Tea for years, so we're thrilled to have collaborated with you! Can you tell us a bit about each of the blends? How did you choose the ingredients for the Hinterland and Wategos blends?
Thank you! The feeling is very mutual. The first step was inviting flavour preferences or if there were important therapeutic components to incorporate.

For the Wategos blend, we decided on something uplifting- something to start the day with, drink iced throughout a summer’s day, or take or on a picnic. Hibiscus was chosen for the antioxidant content as well as to create the beautiful colour that makes drinking an iced tea that little bit more enjoyable. Ginger and cinnamon warm up the body from the inside out, improving circulation and energy

The hinterland blend can be enjoyed at any time of the day- and the main request was Australian natives and mint flavour! I used some beautiful Australian natives called Native Blood Lime and River Mint, which add such a beautiful depth of flavour. The blend supports digestion, is alkalising and has a cooling effect on the body.Both teas can be enjoyed either hot or iced.

Christmas is a busy time of year for people and usually entails lots of indulging and eating! How does tea help during this time of year?
I think tea is a great way to bring you back to yourself - keeping the tea rituals you usually have throughout the day. A few tips:

  1. Take your regular tea blends with you if you travel during the Christmas break
  2. When serving Christmas lunch, swap sugary drinks for iced tea and garnish with mint and lime.
  3. Finish your big Christmas lunch with a Digest tea to assist digestion
  4. Start a gentle Cleanse during January to start the year with a gentle detox after the silly season.