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10 Easy Ways to Go Plastic Free in the New Year

We should all be so collectively proud of the changes made in 2019! I’m sure we have all challenged ourselves, walked further down the plastic-free road than ever before.

With the fast approaching New Year comes new resolutions, big dreams, and the promise of a fresh start.

If you haven't yet, this year, why not start small and plot a sustainable course for success? Below are a few tips to get you inspired. But if you're already on this road, follow along and let us know where you're at with each tip!

1. Say NO to plastic straws & cutlery

Keep a set of reusable utensils in your bag or at your desk, and start refusing disposable plastic utensils! Send all that plastic cutlery to forking hell!



2. Lunch Smarter

When eating out, keep a few food containers handy. Nobody likes the taste of plastic in their food, am I right? Have one ready in your bag whenever you know you're heading out. 



3. Swap plastic bottles for a reusable one

Plastic bottles aren't just harming our oceans and waterways – many also contain a chemical called BPA which is linked to reproductive and developmental harm. Since water is essential, and most of us don't get enough of it, swap those nasty plastic bottles for a reusable plastic-free drink bottle! One giant kick in the pants for single-use plastic water bottle consumption! 



4. Take your efforts into the bathroom

Going plastic free does not have to end in the kitchen or flourish around food. Explore your options in the bathroom too! The truth is there are easy and affordable swaps you can make. Browse our Care range for some hot inspo! 



5. If it’s broken, try fixing it

When something breaks, we often opt for the easy way out without thinking of the long term consequences. Instead of throwing something out and replacing it, try fixing what you already have! Reduce the waste that ends up in landfill, save money, and relearn to reuse what we already have. 



6. Shop local and in bulk

In todays fast paced world there is a huge need to get back to basics- to keep things as simple as possible! This is exactly what bulk buying is about. It also helps you to think about your food waste and the amount of packaging being used. Before you know it you will be thinking of ways to shop more conscientiously in every aspect of your life! Check out our bulk bags and our pantry jars!



7. Ditch the ziplocks and cling wrap

Ditch the plastic film wrap! There are some really simple gladwrap and zip lock bag swaps that work better than they ever did! Stretch Lids, Food Huggers, Food Wraps and Food Pouches are our arsenal against clingwrap. They’re all reusable. They are food safe. They preserve your food for longer than gladwrap ever did.



8. Avoid plastic products in plastic bottle

Ditch the packaging when you can! Switching your dishwashing liquid, your shampoo bottle, or your body wash, for care bars is easy to do! Plus, it smells amazing too! 



9. Bring your own shopping bag/s

Show your children food doesn’t grow inside plastic bags! Up your shopping style stakes with our beautifully-designed collection of organic cotton shopping bags. Whether it's a quick trip to the corner store or your weekly market shop, these bags have got you sorted. You can confidently say 'see ya' to plastic bags!



10. Live the “less is more” mantra

Whether you're looking to save money, get healthy, or reduce your plastic footprint, there is always a way to live the "less is more" mantra. 

Set a no-buy goal, and stick to it. Deciding not to buy a product means you're helping avoid the impacts of producing that item in the first place.


Where are you on your plastic free journey? Have you got any plastic-free goals for the new year? Let us know in the comment section below of hit us up on Instagram.