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Apply Proposal


To develop an project to increase interest and support for the North Carolina Museum of History that utilizes strategies involving embodiment, networking, and systems theory.

An augmented reality tour of downtown Raleigh where participants are assigned a persona and sent on a scavenger hunt of historical sites throughout downtown. A phone/ipad application is used to “view” each historical site as it appeared at the time of a critical event. Participants simultaneously take a tour of Raleigh and a tour of a historical figure’s life.

Raleigh business (specifically downtown)
Raleigh History Museum
North Carolina Museum of History
Residents of Raleigh

Begin at NC Museum of History
Travel to various sites in downtown Raleigh on rickshaw
Use application to “view” site in a specific time

Coordinate with programs in local schools
Organize around a festival celebrating Raleigh cultural heritage
Support local business like Raleigh Rickshaw

Preliminary research:

Augmented Reality:
Crimsonfox project: Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt in Tokyo

The goal of the game was to find the secret hints in order to find the real-world hideout of the secret society of the Moonlights.
The players hold up their iPhones, and they can see how far away the clues are. Then, once they got close to the clue, only a phone can reveal the code that will get you to the next clue.


Players ran around in the city looking for hidden (physical) hints to find the real-world hideout of a “secret society called Moonlights”. Players were able to “scan” hints they found with their iPhones, for example a graphic printed on a piece of paper somewhere. The app would then verify the hint by superimposing an emblem (see below) over the image on the iPhone camera, give away points for finding the right hint and then lead players to the next part of the game.


Geocaching is an outdoor game where players use GPS on mobile devices to leave or track down hidden packages, may be about to get a bit easier.


“Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share your experiences online. ”
Instead of relying on GPS coordinates and written clues to find packages, players can see visual markers on an Android phone’s viewfinder.

Nike True City: Make the Hidden Visible

True City combines social elements with current mobile technologies to create a next-gen city and travel guide for six European cities. With each city comes a host ‘tastemaker’ to guide users to lesser known community attractions. In addition to each host there is a second tier of designated contributors and a third tier of so called ‘civilian’ contributors. Everyone is encouraged to add their own finds (or spread the word about a favorite place or event), geo-tagged, throughout a city. The best, or most popular, will have an opportunity to join the team of Nike insiders.

Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller
These installation artists create interactive experiences, integrating location, time, sound, and physicality in works such as “Her Long Black Hair” which takes participants through 19th century Central Park, following the footsteps of one woman.
Long Black Hair

Historical Sites and Events:

Visit Raleigh provides a list of historic sites and monuments that could be included in this augmented reality tour of downtown Raleigh




All History Stories

Raleigh City Museum Resources

Raleigh City Museum Archive

Urban Scavenger Hunts:

Raleigh Bike Scavenger Hunt





Raleigh City Museum Tours:

General Gallery Tours
30 min or 1 hour tours through each of our museum exhibits highlighting the more interesting pictures, artifacts, and stories.

Gallery Tour Focus: Raleigh’s City Flag
In 1899 Raleigh created its first city flag as a gift for the USS Raleigh. Visitors participating in this focus will receive additional information about the flag and receive a coloring packet that highlights the symbolism employed by the flag and invites them to create their own flag. This focus is appropriate for kids ages 6+.

Gallery Tour Focus: Artifact Discovery
The museum is home to thousands of historical artifacts. With this focus, students get an introduction to museum preservation work. Students are made into “junior curators” and given several mysterious historical objects. Upon receiving instruction from our staff, students will determine the original use of these objects and their importance in telling the story of the city of Raleigh. This focus is appropriate for kids ages 6+.

Gallery Tour Focus: The [R]evolution of Media
One of our more popular focuses for children due to the television and radio interactives. This tour includes highlights not included in text panels of some of Raleigh’s most interesting media stories. This focus is appropriate for kids ages 10+.

Gallery Tour Focus: Raleigh’s Civil Rights Movement
The struggle for Civil Rights in Raleigh held implications for the rest of the State. After all, Raleigh is the State Capital and stakes were high here during the 1950s and 1960s. This tour introduces visitors to the various issues facing the city with regard to Civil Rights. This focus is appropriate for ages 12+.

Fayetteville Street Walking Tours for Adults
Fayetteville Street walking tours take visitors outside the museum onto North Carolina’s main street. The tour includes stops at the many historical sites along the street and highlights some of the funnier stories of the street’s colorful history. This tour last about an hour and fifteen minutes and is appropriate ages 16 +.

Fayetteville Street Mystery Tour for Kids
This tour is similar to the walking tour for adults, except this one is just for kids. Children will receive an investigation notebook that includes information on several mysteries. They will then take a tour where they’ll be given vital information they can use to solve the mysteries. This tour lasts about an hour and is appropriate for ages 6+.